Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival

Schedule Information

Special Performance Details:
Thursday night will feature a special preview concert that is free to attend.  Members of the media are also invited to get a “taste” of what the community will be experiencing over the next 2 days.  This special concert will be held at a location to be determined.

Friday Details:
The Friday morning and afternoon performances will be held at the Majestic Theatre (and possibly other locations pre-arranged with schools).  

The first four sessions will feature one or two tellers each.  Even if we have multiple locations, the tellers will tell the same stories in each venue.  While these sessions are open to the public, students from area schools will be attending as well.

After the students leave, each of the national tellers will perform.  We hope that many residents from area retirement housing complexes will join us for this performance. This location will be at the Majestic Theatre.

Friday Evening Concert Details:
The Friday night concert will be a concert where each storyteller will share a story that represents his or her “style” of storytelling.  This concert will be held in the tent at the Majestic Theatre.

Individual Performances Details:
Each storyteller will have a 30 minute time period on Saturday and our featured storytellers will also have an additional hour to allow for the sharing of an extended work or a collection of several stories.  These performances will all take place in the Majestic Theatre.  Please come share this intimate time with all seven of our tellers or, if your Saturday schedule is tight, plan your day around your favorite tellers.

Saturday Evening Concert Details:
The Saturday evening concert will feature each storyteller.  This concert will be held in a tent, "under the stars" in the Majestic Theatre courtyard.

Story Swappin’ Details:
Story swappin’ (or stories shared by those attending the festival) begins at 11:30am on Saturday. Anyone who would like to tell a brief story is able to sign up for a slot.  Please stop by throughout the day and listen to some of the best local and regional tellers as they share their stories.  If you are willing to tell a story, we are particularly interested in hearing yours.  Come and let’s share together the stories that enrich our lives.

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