Frank McGarvey

Frank was born and raised in the “South End” of Columbus, Ohio. They now call that area “German Village.” Back then, it was just the south end. He survived Aquinas High School, then went on to St. Charles Seminary. He would not have made a good priest, but he became a father five times over, having five wonderful daughters in a house with only one bathroom. Of course that is a story in itself.

Frank McGarvey has told stories in schools, colleges, universities and libraries for more than twenty years. He tries out his stories on his five daughters and twelve grandchildren. He volunteers at an elementary school where he reads to children from kindergarten through the fifth grade, trying to encourage them to read. He resides in Columbus, Ohio, where all but one of his grandchildren live. He has traveled to every state in the USA and several countries as well. From his travels he has gotten some of his ideas for his stories.

Sure’n doesn’t he enjoy telling stories of the old sod. He also enjoys the fruit of the old sod. You will enjoy hearing his rendition of Aesop’s Fables or his Tales of the hill country. And don’t forget that wonder boy, Jack.

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